The    go-kart    and    quad-track    have    been    on    Rügen    since April 1993. On    the    Rugrad    between    Zittvitz    and    Buschvitz,    on    the former driving schools. It is one of the largest recreational facilities on the island. Experience    unlimited    fun    for    young    and    old    alike,    on different facilities. Without tempolimit, driver's license, and traffic jam. Also   an   ideal   starting   point   for   hikes   through   the   Rugard, to   the   same   tower   and   to   Bergen.   The   "island   capital"   with its different sights. How to find us: By    bike    or    car    over    the    B196    to    the    branch    to    Zittvitz, Buschvitz. In    the    village    Zittvitz    the    access    road    to    the    facility    is signposted. There is ample free parking. For   school   classes   and   groups   with   more   than   6   persons, we ask for a pre-registration. Group discounts on request
Postal address: Go-Kart und Quad Bahn Bergen OT. Zittvitz, Haus Nr.0 18528 Buschvitz /Rügen Telefon 03838/209485 0172/7044873 Mail Web facebook
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